What is TeamViewer?

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is without a doubt one of the best remote desktop software programs on the market. It enables users to access devices remotely, providing support or controlling said devices from a different location.

What does TeamViewer do?

  • Enables remote access to computers and other devices from a different location: for example, it could be used to access your work computer from your personal laptop
  • Has comprehensive remote support tools designed for IT technicians and support agents, including integrations with major service desk programs
  • Supports mobile devices, enabling you to share the screen of your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet: you can connect between all supported platforms, including from mobile to desktop, desktop to desktop, desktop to mobile, and mobile to mobile
  • Comes with integrated video conferencing and messaging tools, which are particularly useful for remote support agents and IT technicians
  • Includes full file-sharing tools, enabling you to transfer files between connected devices in a fast, streamlined manner
  • Boasts excellent mass deployment options that make it one of the leading choices for larger companies requiring a new remote desktop solution

How businesses can use TeamViewer

TeamViewer displayed on tablet, monitor and mobile device

TeamViewer boasts excellent cross-platform compatibility (Image credit: TeamViewer)

Remote desktop programs such as TeamViewer are predominantly used by IT teams and customer service agents providing technical support. Some of the most common ways that businesses can use TeamViewer include the following. 

To provide streamlined IT support within the company

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