Fundamentals of Computers | What is a computer?

Being a teacher when I asked students “What is a Computer”, they answered “Sir Computer is a machine”, some of them said that “Computer is electronic devices” and blah blah.

In this 21st century where we are doing all our work on computers and day by day computer’s involvement in our daily life is taking a tremendous place I got surprised by listening to these ridiculous answers given by them.

So let’s discuss how can we define computers by answering some simple questions.

1. Have you ever seen your PC/Laptop turn on itself and doing some work?

The answer is no. What a ridiculous question is this? How a machine can turn them on/off by himself?

2. What is the power source of your computer?

The answer is electricity. Correct?

3. When you ask a question from the computer let’s say calculate 5*5 then what happens in the computer?

The answer is some sort of processing.

So, let’s summarise this

We can say that:-

A computer is an electronic device/gadget that takes raw data as input from the user and processes the data to produce the result/output.

The term “computer” is derived from the Latin word “computare” which means to calculate.

A computer is designed to execute applications and provides a variety of solutions through hardware and software components. It works with the help of programs and has a memory that stores the data, programs, and results of processing. 

 There are some basic parts without which a computer cannot work are as follows:

  • Input Device: It allows you to give commands to the computer or to input data, e.g., a keyboard, mouse
  • Output Device: It enables you to see the output, e.g., monitor, printer
  • Motherboard: It is the part that connects all other parts or components of a computer.
  • Processor: It executes the instructions received from software and hardware.
  • Memory: It is the primary memory for data transfer between the CPU and storage.
  • Storage Device: It permanently stores the data, e.g., hard drive.

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