Thursday, May 26, 2022

Watch: Russia will never be able to take Kyiv, say Ukrainian soldiers | Ground Report

As Ukraine puts up a brave counter to the invading Russian forces, the soldiers, fighting for 37 straight days today, are confident. “We are fighting Russia for the last eight years and there will come a day when we will take back Crimea,” a sniper in the Ukrainian army told India Today TV as Russia’s war in Ukraine entered Day 37.

“Russia will never be able to take over Kyiv,” he asserted. Reinforcements have reached the soldiers in Kyiv, additional weapons have also reached them.

Despite the presence of troops, life in Kyiv is starting to return to normal. More cars could be seen on the road and a few shops even opened their shutters to customers. The Russian forces are said to be retreating from the outskirts of Kyiv and moving towards Belarus. The Ukrainian forces are digging in.

Russia invaded Ukraine in a pre-dawn attack on February 24 and from early on, Russian troops and artillery have been trying to enter Kyiv. Although they managed to come dangerously close to the capital city, they could not breach the city limits.

Ukraine, which has faced the wrath of Russian air strikes and bombings, continues to fight the invaders, despite heavy loss of life and property. Even as the soldiers were seen on the streets of Kyiv, enjoying a quiet coffee on the road, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned east that Russia is consolidating and preparing “powerful strikes” in the country’s and south, including in besieged Mariupol, where a new attempt will be made today to evacuate civilians from the devastated city.

“Russia is regrouping for powerful strikes,” he said, adding, “In Donbas and Mariupol, in the Kharkiv direction, the Russian army is accumulating the potential for attacks, powerful attacks.”

Russia, meanwhile, has threatened to turn off its gas taps to Europe if payments are not made in Rubles, as US President Joe Biden ordered a record release of strategic oil reserves to ease the souring US prices.

In peace talks this week, Russia said it would scale back attacks on the capital Kyiv and Chernigiv, but Ukrainian and Western officials have dismissed the pledge, saying Moscow’s troops were merely regrouping, reported the Kyiv Post.

Despite unprecedented sanctions from the West, Putin has been undeterred, refusing to end the war on his neighbour.

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