Simple c program hello world for beginners

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So let’s start our very first simple c program hello World without wasting any time.

Simple C program Hello World

#include <stdio.h>
void main()
   printf("Hello, World!");


Hello, World!

Code Explanation

As it is our very first program, let’s discuss every line to understand the program completely.

1. #include <stdio.h> 

  • This is a header file.
  • It tells the compiler to include this stdio.h file in the program.
  • stdio stands for Standard Input Output file.
  • Common input-output functions (such as scanf() and printf()) definitions are contained in this.
  • # is a pre-processor directive.
  • So basically #include<stdio.h> tells the compiler to include a standard header file which contains the function for input and output.

2. void main()

  • main() is the function name
  • void is the return type of function.
  • The execution of the program begins with the main() function.
  • We can use any return type with the main() function depending on the type of function we are defining.

3. printf()

  • printf() function is used to display the content.
  • Content within double quotes appears as it is on the screen.
  • If we have to print the value of any variable/function then we just have to write their name. ( We will discuss this in our next example).

4. return

  • return or return 0 is the same thing. So please don’t get confused if you see return 0 somewhere.
  • As the name indicates, it gives the command to the controller to return from wherever it has been called because the function has been successfully executed.

5 Statement Termination

  • In C language, every statement must have to be terminated otherwise the compiler will give an error.
  • ;‘ indicates the end of the line or line termination.

Simple C program for adding 2 numbers

Before writing this program one should have knowledge about the following basics of C programming topics

If you don’t have any idea of the topics I mentioned above, please read the article first and come back here.

If you are still reading this then I suppose either you already know about the topics or you read my articles.

So let’s begin.

We can write the code for this program in 2 ways

Method-1 By using static values

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {    

    int a=5, b=3, sum;
    sum = a+b;      // adding sum
    printf("Sum of the number is %d", sum);
    return 0;


Sum of the number is 8

Copy the above code and run it here to see the output with different values.

Code Explanation

  • printf(“Sum of the number is %d”, sum);
    • Here the content written in double quotes will appear as it is on the screen, but, the %d is a format specifier for integers and indicates the compiler to print the value of the variable/function at that place.

Method-2 By entering the number at the run time of the program

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {    

    int a, b, sum;
    printf("Enter first number: ");   // Asking user to enter 1st number
    scanf("%d", &a);     
    printf("Enter second number: ");  // Asking user to enter 2nd number
    scanf("%d", &b);

    // calculating sum
    sum = a + b;      
    printf("Sum of %d + %d = %d", a, b, sum);
    return 0;


Enter first number: 5
Enter second number: 6
Sum of 5 + 6 = 11

Code Explanation

  • The user is asked to enter first and second number.
  • These two numbers are stored in variables a and b respectively.
printf("Enter first number: ");
scanf("%d", &a);     
printf("Enter second number: ");
scanf("%d", &b);
  • Using the + operator we have added two numbers and the result is stored in the sum variable.
sum = a + b;
simple c program of sum of 2 numbers
  • Finally, the printf() function is used to display the sum of numbers.
printf("%d + %d = %d", number1, number2, sum);

I hope you have learnt how to write a simple c program.

We will meet with some high-level programs related to basic functioning to understand it better.

Till then, enjoy computer programming and don’t forget to comment if you have any below.

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