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Robert Newman Makes His Y&R Debut: What Were Your First Impressions of the New Ashland Locke?

Tuesday’s night episode of This Is Us was one of the finest of its sixth and final season, and brought with it just exactly how little Jack, who is blind, ended up with the gash in his head. Viewers feared for months that they would be watching the young boy fall into the backyard smoker that Tobe was grilling on, but it turned out he took a tumble in the park, when he left Kate and Tobe’s house all alone and unattended to.

In the episode entitled “Saturday in the Park” in which Kate sings the ‘Chicago’-tune to her son to help him landmark where he is walking as they go to his favorite place – the park and its swing set- illustrated how the die was cast for an explosive moment for Tobe and Kate’s relationship later in the episode.

Robert Newman Makes His Y&R Debut: What Were Your First Impressions of the New Ashland Locke?

Photo: NBC

Meanwhile, the Pearson family is gathering for Rebecca and Miguel’s 10th wedding anniversary at Tobe and Kate’s home. Tensions become high when the roof of the house starts leaking into the kitchen and then the bedroom. Tobe had dealt with this in the past, but cut corners financially to originally deal with it. Now, as the home is becoming flooded, everyone starts to freak out.

Toby puts little Jack back in his room but does not make sure the gate was fully clasped thus leaving it unhinged. Kate went to him earlier in the episode to make sure he hears it click before leaving Jack’s room to ensure his safety. Next, the plumber arrives, and Kate forgets to lock the front door behind him. We also saw earlier in the episode how Kate showed her young son how to open the front door. These two mistakes would be costly to little Jack and Tobe and Kate’s marriage.

Alone, Jack puts on his red galoshes, grabs his cane and heads to the park. As viewers, we are worried sick as he nearly gets hit crossing a street. Back at the house, the entire family realizes Jack is MIA, and panic ensues. Rebecca realizes he grabbed the red galoshes and tells Kate he must be at the park. Leave it to grandma! She goes running to the park and comes upon a scene of little Jack being attended to by two bystanders. Jack had fallen on to the cement and cut open his forehead. He is taken to the emergency room and stitched up, but with that were the heartbreaking cries of a little boy who can not see, being taken care of my a doctor with Kate by his side.

After they get Jack home and to sleep, Kate and Tobe have a knock-down drag-out fight which Kevin and Randall come upon. Kate yells at Tobe for forgetting to hear the click of the gate in Jack’s room. He throws in her face that she left the door open. Then, the argument goes into their different views and perspective’s on how they handle Jack’s blindness. Kate shouts “All you’ve ever seen were his limitations,” Toby counters that Kate can not see any limitations in their son, and that it is irresponsible of her in how she raises him. “I’m the only parent in this family, period,” Kate spews. Then Tobe fires back, “That’s the way you want it. That’s the way you need it! ” Later, Tobe cries by little Jack’s bedside, while outside, Kate sits between Randall and Kevin and in tears says, “I do not know if Toby and I are going to make it.”

The entire episode was framed with flashbacks of how the Big Three came together to protect one another against a babysitter they did not like, while Rebecca and Jack celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. As always with This is Us, a clever use of story to juxtapose the then and now makes the details of the show so special. And… how about the little boy who played Jack? He was tremendous in the episode! The moments where Jack was walking and we could see through his eyes, in which he sees nothing, was haunting and effective.

So, what did you think of last night’s This is Us? Comment below.

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