Tuesday, May 24, 2022

New emergency notification system

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “Our emergency notification system within the city of Grand Junction is the most efficient effective way for us to get critical safety information to people in our community when they need it the most,” Grand junction PIO, Heidi Davidson said.

The city of Grand Junction’s new system will allow you to get critical safety information wherever you are. its tailored specifically to your address.

Davidson stated, “You can sign up for your home address, you can sign up for your child’s school. Perhaps your employer or other family members’ addresses to find out when there is something of critical importance in that area.”

Whatever form of communication reaches you the quickest, the emergency notification system gotcha back.

“You can get the information by text or by email. You can get a phone call or a voicemail, however, is most convenient for you to receive that information,” Davidson added.

The company sets up parameters based on the location of the address you put in.

Davidson uttered, “That means people who live specifically in the radius we are trying to reach, are going to get that information put out to their phone right as it’s happening.”

The most recent swat incident is the perfect example of why you should sign up. Everyone who lives in this neighborhood where it happened who signed up got an alert. Keep in mind the alerts don’t stop at criminal activity. From power outages to floods, the city notifications will keep you on the up and up and your family safe.

“Those are all things that we can communicate to our community to make sure everyone is safe,” Davidson expressed.

Communication is a two-way street with this service.

Davidson uttered, “Our system is only as good as the information we receive from the people who opt-in.”

That means if your address changes you need to update it in the system. This service will give you a little piece of mind knowing you can get alerts about important events anywhere you choose.

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