Tuesday, May 24, 2022

National shortage for food banks

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “Even though we have been seeing a drastic increase in cost of food due to inflation, Food Bank of the Rockies is still committed to meeting the needs of our city every single day,” Food Bank Development Manager, Gabriella Garayar stated .

But meeting those needs is going to be tough. Ground beef is up 27%, canned fruit is up 30%, and freight costs skyrocketed upwards of 60%.

Garayar mentioned, “Our Western Slope distribution center has seen the highest need since pre pandemic levels across the states.”

Supply chain issues are the problem but where there’s a will, Food Bank of the Rockies found a way.

“We’re spending over a million dollars a month. More than what we’ve had to beforehand in purchasing food,” Garayar added.

While spending almost unsustainable sums of money, the food bank is searching for new food supply sources.

Garayar uttered, “Whether its from our local agriculture partners or working with other local entities to purchase that food to get in the hands of those that need it.”

Here’s where you can help. Just one dollar can make a difference.

“We’re actually able to stretch that to provide four meals for one individual,” Garayar added.

Even starting up a canned food drive in the community would help.

Garayar said, “Peanut butter, canned chicken, canned tuna, we’re also looking for a lot of support with canned vegetables.”

Food banks would also greatly appreciate your free time.

“Earlier this month we’ve had over 1,000 hours of volunteer hours just from people coming in the community and donating their time or at our mobile pantries,” Garayar stated.

Food banks across the nation provide hope and help people everyday who face hunger. Anything you can contribute helps.

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