How to Install Kali Linux Tools on Windows PC

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Check How to Install Kali Linux Tools on Windows PC

Kali Linux was recently released as an app on the Microsoft Store. Using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) compatibility layer, it is now possible to install Kali in a Windows environment. WSL is a feature in Windows 10 that allows users to run native Linux command line tools, Bash, and other tools that were previously unavailable.

Designed primarily for developers, the feature adds versatility to Windows 10 and provides an alternative to virtualization. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to get WSL Kali up and running.

How to Install Kali Linux Tools on Windows PC

Windows Subsystem Activation for Linux

  • Press the menu button and type “Turn Windows features on or off,” and a program will appear in the list. Then press Enter.
  • A small window will appear. Find “Windows Subsystem for Linux” and check the box to the left. Then press OK.
  • A new window will appear showing the installation process, so wait until it is finished. Your system needs to reboot to apply the changes, so press “Reboot Now”.
  • Once our machine reboots and we have the Windows subsystem turned on, our machine is ready to install Kali Linux.

Installing Kali Linux from the Microsoft App Store

  • Press the menu button and type “Microsoft Store”. The app store will appear in the menu. Then press Enter.
  • Type “Kali Linux” in the search box at the top right of the window and press Enter.
  • Kali Linux will appear in the Microsoft app store window. Just press the “Get” button and wait until the installation process is finished. Close the window once the installation is complete.

Kali Linux Subsystem Configuration

  • Open the command prompt.
  • Type “kali” and press enter. The first time, it will take some time.
  • Enter any username of your choice, for example john, and press Enter. Then type your password on the next line and press Enter. A new warning will appear in the terminal. (Yahoo! You are in the Kali Linux environment.)
  • At this point, you have Kali Linux installed on your Windows 10 subsystem. You don’t have the tools available in Linux except for the basic parent commands like nano, ls, cat, and ifconfig. Updating and upgrading Kali Linux is highly recommended. Therefore, you can take advantage of the tools available in it. Do not close the command prompt window and follow the steps below.

Update Kali Linux and install the tools

  • Type “sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list”, press Enter and the “sources.list” file will open in the terminal. Make sure to make some changes to the file.
  • Once all the changes have been made, press “Ctrl + X” and then press “y” to save the changes. Then press Enter. It will be returned to the terminal.
  • Type “sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” and press Enter. The password is required, so type your password and press Enter. These two commands will check for updates and install them on your machine. So, you update your Kali Linux machine.
  • If you want to install any software that is not available, for example Metasploit framework, type the following command and press Enter.

sudo apt-get install metasploit-framework

If you want to install git, type “sudo apt-get install git”. Similarly, if you want to install python3, type “sudo apt-get install python3”. To install any software available in the current repository, simply type the command “sudo apt-get install SOFTWARE_NAME” and press Enter. The installation process will take some time, so be patient and let the program install.

  • Now, you can use any of your favorite Kali Linux tools on your Windows 10 machine, and this is awesome!

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