Tuesday, May 24, 2022

How Tech Helped Companies Beat the Pandemic

Staying Relevant in an Remote World

The reality is that the pandemic shut us off to the rest of the world. In-person meetings, conferences, stop-ins, and drop-bys were all gone in the blink of an eye, and business was anything but “as usual.” Being able to stay relevant in the business world became just as hard as staying solvent or healthy.

But with technology, staying in front of your clients and keeping in touch with your team didn’t have to be a chore. Sure, there were growing pains, like Zoom security problems or Slack outages, but generally speaking, employees had a way to keep the lights on thanks to technology.

“With the pandemic forcing many individuals to work remotely, Zoom has helped to keep directly in touch with key stakeholders and clients. The continuity of direct engagement and interaction has been critical for many businesses, and we cannot say otherwise,” said Mario Cacciottolo, PR and Branding Manager at Sports Betting Online.

Tradition businesses had it a bit easier than others, though. For example, gyms had a lot of trouble, offering a small, poorly ventilated experience that features active people grunting and breathing loudly in close proximity to one another. Fortunately, virtual event software provide a means to keep the lights on and provide a fitness alternative to in-person workouts.

“Lockdown found us making a lot of adjustments to our software for gyms that were freezing memberships or closing down. But there were also studios that implemented virtual training sessions. This resulted in a massive increase in communication between the team and with our clients and we found video meetings the most efficient way to deal with this,” said Eran Galperin, Founder & CEO of GymDesk.

It may be easy to forget, but there were a lot of new hires during the pandemic as well. In many cases, these people started jobs and worked with coworkers that they had never met in person for years. Technology alleviated that awkwardness with video chat meetings that could, at least somewhat, simulate the work experience and allow these new employees to still grow within their role.

“Technology and programs like Zoom and Google Meet made it possible for me to attend interviews and onboard into a new company until the office was suitable for us to return. I have been able to learn and grow within my company attending live webinars online and marketing events that would have been canceled if not for Zoom and technology,” said Katelyn Perez, Lead SEO specialist at Tandem.Buzz.

There’s no true replacement for in-person work, particularly when it comes to staying relevant in the business world. Still, technology bridged the gap to allow employees and business owners alike to stay in the fight to keep their business open and thriving.

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