How do I add an email account to Zoho?

This article will learn about a powerful email platform Zoho, like Gmail, which allows you to configure your professional email account with straightforward steps.

So without wasting your precious time, let’s see how do I add an email account to Zoho with proper screenshots.

Default webmail provided by hosting providers are Roundcube, Horde, Zimbra, Rainloop, etc. uses the SMTP of your hosting providers only. You can bypass your hosting providers and use Zoho servers for your emails using the Zoho email platform.

Requirements for sign up:

  • An active domain is required with its DNS access.
  • You can use your current domain or purchase a new one.
  • A mobile number (a valid one) for OTP and verifications.
  • You can go with a Lite, Premium, or Workplace account.

Signup Process:

zoho home page
  • Select the plan which best suits your need.
  • Click Signup button and enter the details to continue with signup process.
  • Enter the OTP received on your email and click verify.
  • You will be redirected to your Admin Console after the OTP verification.
  • Now we need to Add a Domain. Click Add an existing domain.
  • If you do not have your domain, Click Buy a new domain.
  • Enter the details as shown in the screenshot below and click Add.
  • After successfull adding your domain name, you need to proceed for domain verification.
  • For domain verification, you will have 3 ways. We will continue with adding TXT Records in DNS.
  • Login into your control panel and go to DNS Management. Here I have configured my domain in Cloudflare.
  • Click Add Record and select TXT Record from the list.
  • Enter your domain name in the Name field, and copy the value provided by Zoho and paste it here. Click Save
  • Go to the Zoho page again and click Verify TXT Record.
  • A message will be displayed showing you have successfully verified your domain ownership.
  • Enter the email address which you want to use with your domain name and click Create. Like in my case, I am using my own name i.e.,
  • Click Proceed to Setup Group and then DNS Mapping.
  • In DNS Mapping you will be provided with 3 MX Records, SPF and DMARC record provided from Zoho and enter into your DNS record and verify the same as we did earlier and click Verify MX Records.

Note:- DNS Records may take some time to propagate properly and until it gets propagated your records will be not verified and you will encounter an error Verification fail.

  • MX Record verification is very important as MX Records are responsible for your email deliverability. So they must pointed to Zoho.
  • Just Skip the SPF and DMARC records and your email account is successfully configured with Zoho.
  • Click Check out your inbox to enter your mail box and start sending and receiving emails.

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