Friday, August 19, 2022

Dollar Today: How Much Does It Operate This Friday, August 5th?

For the seventh day in a row, the Central Bank sold foreign exchange worth over US$100 million, ended with a negative balance of US$150 million, while energy demand reached US$150 million. Thus, for seven consecutive days, BCRA got rid of some US$950 million.

Savings Dollar Price, Friday, August 5

Savings Dollar or Solidarity Dollar-Including 30% of country tax and 35% of income tax and personal property deductible- It is at $230.77.

Tourist Dollar Price, Friday, August 5

Tourist dollar or card-retailer plus country tax, plus the assumption of 45% deduction from income tax and personal assets- It is trading around $244.76.

Wholesale Dollar Price, Friday, August 5

bulk dollar Directly regulated by BCRA, It rose 26 cents to $132.90, thus maintaining the level of appreciation seen in recent days.

Future Dollar Price, Friday, August 5

future dollar rofex shows in the market a general decline in terms of this year. At the end of August, the currency fell 1.2% to $139.32; It fell 1.7% to $152.2 by the end of September; And by the end of October it fell by 2.8% to $163.6.

CCL dollar price, Friday, August 5

Dollar “Counts With Liquid” (CCL) – Driven with Global 2030- This is 0.5% of $288.09With which the wholesale rate is in spread with 116,8%.

MEP Dollar Price, Friday, August 5

MEP Dollars -Also valuable with Global 2030- 0.5% to $285.95 Therefore, the difference relative to the official exchange rate reaches 115,2%,

Blue Dollar Quotes, Friday, August 5

The blue dollar remains stable at $291 after rising in the same proportion on Wednesday and climbing $9 on Tuesdayaccording to a field survey In the currency black market. Thus, the difference with the official dollar It is 119.3%.

Crypto Dollar Price, Friday, August 5th

The crypto dollar or bitcoin dollar yields 0.2% to $290.16, Based on averages among local exchanges as reported by Coinmonitor.

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