Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Biden celebrates 11th straight month of job growth across the United States

WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden celebrated the 11th straight month of job growth of over 400-thousand jobs on Friday.

At the White House Biden announced on Friday that the US economy added 431 thousand jobs in the month of March.

This is the strongest job growth since 1939 as the unemployment rate fell to 3.6 percent a new pandemic low.

“Over the course of the presidency, our recovery now created 7.9 million jobs. M ore jobs created over the first 14 months of any presidency in any term ever and that is striking,” Biden said.

These gains come amid the war in Ukraine and a spike in energy.

In response, Biden announced a historic release from the US strategic reserve of 1 million barrels of oil per day for the next six months, and on Friday 30 countries followed suit and agreed to release 10′s of millions of oil into the market.

“Nations are coming together to deny Putin the ability to weaponize energy resources,” Biden said.


Russian gas continues to flow through Europe despite the deadline put in place by Putin to cut it off unless customers pay in rubles.

The Kremlin also reports a Ukrainian attack carried out on Russian soil, a first if confirmed in this war after an oil depot just over the border was hit.

“Ukraine has not made any statements or any confirmations about those reports, this is a war that Russia started” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

As fighting continues in Kyiv there is some relief in Mariupol after Russia claims a humanitarian corridor will open Friday.

This will be a path out for the estimated 100-thousand people trapped in the besieged city.

4.1 million refugees have left Ukraine since the start of the war.

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